Currently launched in Fulham

A better way to sell your home.

Last year, Fulham's open market cost sellers on average:

£4,400 per week

If a property doesn't sell straight away, it starts losing money

£105,600 in total

It took on average 24 weeks to sell, losing £4,400 per week

£24,000 in fees

That's the average amount an agent charges in Fulham

So how is Invisible Homes better?


Your home won't go stale. It's a new opportunity for everyone you send it to


You'll have access to all the serious buyers in your area, and on your terms


We put you in charge of who sees your home, what they see and when they see it


You'll know your buyer's must-haves, what they hate, and if they have to sell first

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We'll help you create your property profile in three simple steps

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Upload your ID so that we can confirm your ownership

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Immediately see a list of matching buyers and choose who to contact

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Receive regular email updates about new matching buyers

Still need convincing?

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I don't understand why properties go stale on the open market...

The day your home goes ‘live’ on the open market, it’s a ticking clock.

New buyers look online and think that if you haven’t sold, there must be a reason other buyers have rejected it. ‘Is there something wrong with it I don’t know about? Maybe everyone else knows the price is too high?’

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What do you mean when you say I’m empowered to sell my home myself?

The problem with the recent online estate agency model – Purple Bricks and Yopa for example – is that the moment they’ve listed your property on Rightmove and Zoopla you’ve lost control. Sure, buyers can look and contact you. But what happens if they don’t like the look of your sofa? Or they just miss your house because they’re in a rush. It happens all the time. If you have an estate agent you hope they will be calling those buyers and persuading them to see your home. But are they?

Look, you’re the most motivated person to sell your home. Not the agents, and certainly not the buyers. So if you think a buyer who you’ve contacted needs a little nudge, then email them. That’s empowerment.