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The benefits of off-market are now online and for everyone:

Unique opportunities that can't be found anywhere else, relevant homes that match your search requirements, and considerate agents who won't harrass you with unwanted calls.
Currently active in:
Hammersmith and Fullham
Kensigton and Chelsea

Are you ready to get an edge in the search for your perfect home?


01. Unique, off-market opportunities

Unique, off-market opportunities

Uncover properties that aren't available anywhere else.
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02. Relevant homes only

Relevant homes only

We only share homes that match your requirements.
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03. No annoying calls

No annoying calls

Our agents take care to only call when it really matters.
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How does it work?

Click 'Register to Buy' and specify your search criteria


Our algorithm gets to work finding homes that meet your needs


Our agents email you with details of homes we think you'll like


You can now manage your whole search from your personal dashboard
Join over 10,000 buyers who are discovering unique
opportunities with Invisible Homes
We are occasionally asked to market properties outside our core areas, if you are keen to receive London properties then let us know which areas you are focused on.

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How Invisible Homes keeps you one step ahead on the buying journey
01. Off-market opportunities that can't be found elsewhere

Bringing the benefits of off-market to everyone.

For a long time off-market meant exclusive. But we’re not really fans of that word at Invisible Homes. It suggests something that’s out of reach for most people.

We wanted to create a platform that brought the benefits of off-market to everyone.

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We’ve achieved this by bringing off-market online.

Our platform shares unique opportunities with you that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll find both houses and flats for sale in Fulham that aren’t available at other estate agents or on sites like Rightmove or Zoopla.

They’re just here, at Invisible Homes.
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02. Homes that match your requirements
A better chance at finding your dream home.

As a buyer, sometimes you can feel a little lost when trying to sort through hundreds of pages of listings on the open market.

We offer more relevant options. When you join our community of buyers, you set up a profile and we give you the opportunity to tell us exactly what you’re looking for.

We then use this information to match you with appropriate sellers on our platform. They might just be selling your dream home.

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03. Local experts
who are there to
help, not harass
03. Local experts who are there to help, not harass
A dedicated agent who won’t bother you with irrelevant calls.

One of the most de-motivating things about buying a home can be the amount of generic calls that you receive from estate agents.

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Luckily, Invisible Homes agents aren’t your typical estate agents. We won’t harass you with calls about irrelevant homes you’re not interested in.

We’ll only contact you about properties that match what you’re looking for.

Our agents will send you relevant properties by email and will only call when you’ve expressed an interest. This ensures a relevant, stress-free search for your new home.
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Your dream home could be a few clicks away

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For support or any questions call us:

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