Why sell off-market?

Confused about what it means to sell off-market? We’ve made a short video that explains the basics:


With every passing second a home sits on the open market, it is put at greater risk of being forgotten, ignored or simply becoming unappealing to buyers. This is because buyers prefer newly listed properties.

As a result, homes on the open market go stale quickly. Buyers tend to reject them, worrying that there must be something wrong.

This means that many sellers have to lower their asking price because they think that’s the only way they’ll make a sale.

Thankfully, when you sell off-market, your property stays fresh and exclusive to each buyer who sees it.

When you sell off-market with Invisible Homes, we let you lead the sale because you are the most motivated to sell your home. We give you access to a large pool of buyers and you choose who sees your home.

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