Why Estate Agents should view a Home as more than just an Asset

Some estate agents tend to see the buying and selling of property as purely transactional, using homes as an asset to make as many sales as possible.

This is often at the expense of offering a bad overall service to buyers and sellers, leaving them unsatisfied and giving estate agents a bad reputation. Invisible Homes investigates why estate agents should consider the additional values that a home represents.

An Emotional Investment

Firstly, a house can be viewed as not only a financial investment, but an emotional one too. Unlike other investments such as stock shares which are liquid assets, a home is a physical asset that forms the foundation of your family life. Over time, the sentimental value it represents increases as it is filled with special memories, memories that an estate agent cannot put a price on.

This is why at Invisible Homes, we strive to look at your home beyond just its financial value by offering a personalised service to our sellers. A highly-experienced agent will be assigned to your property – from instruction to completion – unlike other estate agents who pass properties from agent to agent, delivering a bad service and leaving you dissatisfied.

A New Life Stage

Buying a house also represents the beginning of a new stage of life, whether it is a first-time buyer or a couple starting a family, this purchase acts as a catalyst for all the changes that are brought about by this new life change. For estate agents, this is a factor that is imperative to consider, as each buyer each has individual needs that need to be fulfilled in order for them to be satisfied when buying a home.

Invisible Homes places a high value on this by only matching properties that suit the requirements of our registered buyers, taking into account what exactly they are looking for with regards to their buyer status.

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A Community Impact

Owning a home actively contributes to the community as homeowners are more likely to be invested in the local area and develop interpersonal relationships that create a reliable support system compared to those who rent. Given that a home provides a ‘safe haven’ for you and your family to live in, this concept of safety is invested back into the community, an example of this is Neighbourhood Watch areas, where a local community come together to look out for each other.

As a local estate agent we have established ourselves within the local community, including recently sponsoring a Fulham Boys School wrestling event, keep an eye out for our boards which have been installed in the area to promote it!

At Invisible Homes we understand the true value of your home and offer a personalised service that you and your home deserve. If you are considering buying or selling you home, why not get in touch today?

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