Why choose to sell with Invisible Homes?

The prospect of choosing the right estate agent to sell your home can be overwhelming; you want to ensure that you will get the best possible price for your home without compromising on additional estate agency costs. This can be particularly daunting when you are putting your faith in an estate agent who only cares about the sale transaction of your property.

Selling with Invisible Homes means so much more than just a sale, we believe in delivering a personalised service so that you can enjoy the stress-free and seamless experience of selling. We  have outlined why selling with us will be the best decision for you and your Fulham home.

Selling with Invisible Homes offers you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of selling off-market

To start with, selling off-market with us ensures that you property won’t go stale. For every minute that your house is on the open market – Rightmove or Zoopla – is loses its appeal to buyers who are flooded with the choice of hundreds of properties, and so it is quickly forgotten or rejected. This can only be rectified by reducing the price, which is the last thing you want to happen when selling.

Selling off-market eliminates the competition associated with selling on Rightmove or Zoopla.

By selling with Invisible Homes, the value of your home is protected as it is not overexposed. We achieve this by matching your property to over 4,500 of our registered buyers, sending it only to buyers whose preferences it matches.

In addition, your home is assigned to one of our highly-experienced local agents who will know the ins and outs of your property resulting in quality viewings with buyers, in order to secure the price that your home deserves.

Still not convinced?

At Invisible Homes we have seen strength after strength; for a second year in a row we have kept our position as the 3rd largest agent in Fulham. What’s more during the first quarter of 2020 we brought on 11% of Fulham properties, 160% more than the 4th biggest agent.

Throughout out our continued success, we strive to offer our clients a high-quality service that is also value for money, which is why we only charge a 1.25% fee. Whilst we offer transparency and expertise throughout our personalised service, we also value your opinion as we believe you should have your say in the process of selling your home.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to schedule a call back to discuss selling with Invisible Homes today.