Why are people choosing to sell off-market?


The current property market structure can be a nightmare for both sellers and buyers, particularly in an unfavourable economic climate.

Sellers are often forced to accept frustrating price cuts to their property in a bid to attract more buyers and achieve a sale.  Listings that are not snapped up quickly can significantly lose value while waiting. Indeed, last year Fulham homes lost £4,400 a week on the open market, over an average selling period of six months.

Sellers are increasingly asking estate agents to sell their homes off-market to avoid this situation. The hope is that when an agent keeps a property ‘up their sleeve’, rather than being publicly advertised, it will maintain a sense of excitement and exclusivity for the right buyer, and avoid the property being ‘that listing’ that’s been sat for months without selling.

But this can create difficulties, as these properties are harder to find within the traditional model – estate agents only tell their preferred buyers about their off-market options, and that can mean that the right buyer never gets to hear of it. It’s also not unknown for agents to forget to mention an off-market home entirely.

In steps Invisible Homes.

Invisible Homes’ off-market model is perfect for both sellers, buyers and estate agents since it connects everyone directly:

  • Buyers get to specify exactly what they want, to the ‘whole’ off-market, all at once, and don’t have to spend their time convincing agents that they should be on the ‘preferred’ list. And they get access to properties from private sellers that couldn’t be found anywhere else.
  • Estate agents get access to more buyers, and can easily see who’s right for a property since the best buyers are rated on their merit.
  • Private sellers, for the first time ever, have the opportunity to see the criteria of all the buyers looking for a place like theirs, and contact them directly and in private.

Invisible Homes gives more individuality to both sellers and buyers and provides a better way to buy and sell than the traditional open market.

To find out more, check out www.invisiblehomes.co.uk