The UK property locations to invest in this year

There’s still much apprehension about investing in property in the UK right now. But with forecasts for house prices being very low for both the next three and twelve months, there are still investment opportunities to be had for those that know where to look. Here are some opportune UK property locations to invest in this year…


Northampton is considered as one of top UK locations to invest in property right now. This claim that is backed up by the statistic of homes in the town taking an average of only 33 days to sell – one of the quickest in the UK. This quick turnover indicates the high demand for property in this town, further seen by house prices in Northampton rising by 5.3% – a significantly higher rate than the national average, a great sign for investors.


Leicester is another great property investment location which is expected to experience further growth. Bucking the general trend of house prices falling, Leicester experienced the best YOY growth for property prices out of all UK cities with prices having increased by over 250% since 2000. As a result of this continuous growht, Leicester was named by Hometracks Cities House price index as the best city in the UK to invest in property.

With the ability to reach London in just over an hour by train, and Birmingham in just under an hour, Leicester is ideally located for commuters. The promise of future regeneration and investment of £3bn further means that Leicester will continue to become a very attractive location for property investment.


Coventry is another great UK location to invest in property due to its consistent house price growth. House prices in Coventry have risen by over 250% within the past 20 years and only look set to continue this trend.

Coventry is also a great investment locations for landlords since it offers excellent rental yields – some of the highest in the country. The average rental yield is approximately 5.40% pre tax, and according to Private Finance there are only 5 other locations in the UK that have a higher yield, making it one of the best BTL areas in the whole of UK. Coventry’s great rental yields are complimented by high occupancy rates, largely from the 50,000 plus students enrolled in its universities.


Colchester has experienced phenomenal property growth within recent years and concludes our list of UK property locations to invest in this year. Colchester’s combination of being not far from London, great transport links, schools and amenities make it one of the best places to buy a house in the UK.  Within the last three years, average property prices have risen by around £55,000 according to Furthermore, recent research conducted by the property finance marketplace LendInvest ranked Colchester as one of the best UK locations for BTL investment by taking into consideration a variety of factors such as capital growth, rental yield and rental price growth.

*Sources: One Touch Property Investment – 2019