The top garden trends to try this year

With spring now not too far off, we’ve done some research and found some garden inspiration for your home for when the cold months dissipate. A beautifully planned and crafted garden can take your home to that next level of beauty. Furthermore, if you are looking to sell, improving the garden could be that selling point which wins over the buyer…

Take the inside, outside.

Implementing more structures to your garden is predicted to be one of this year’s key design trends. Try fitted mood lighting and cosy heating alongside furniture to give a warm interior feel to your outdoors. An outdoor sitting room style such as this can be perfect for extending your lounge area.

Enhanced spaces dedicated to cooking or entertainment such as alfresco dining is set to be huge, according to The Greenhouse People. A bespoke outdoor dining area creates an opportunity to extend hosting and entertainment options if inside space is limiting, as well as giving a good excuse to have guests round more frequently.

Garden - Natural-Landscape-Group2
Photo Credit – Natural Landscape Group

Reshape the shape.

Asymmetrical layouts are another design must-have this year. While a well-ordered conventional design looks great, an abstract layout holds a unique look. For gardens, a blend of patterned planting can overlap straight lines and give a flowing shape, softening a structured look. Enhance a typical straight garden with snaking pathways and deliberately overgrown areas to give it a more relaxed and natural feel, whilst the impression it is larger.

Carefully placed features create a visual balance that can be seen from any angle, even if the designed may initially seem random. A further benefit of an asymmetrical design is that it is not dependant on the shape of your garden, but rather your garden is free to be receptive. Just be sure to include unity to create a stable look.

Design: Abigail Ahern, Hackney, UK
Photo Credit – Harpur Garden Images

Introduce some radiance.

Somber dark tones are popular with a garden design they can add elegance, John Lewis suggests. However, to balance these shades and further bring your garden to life, interject some more striking tones through selected furniture or creative garden accessories and decorations.

All things copper in colour and material are thought to be particularly big for this year, providing a warming contrast to dull paving or gravel, as well as giving an extra radiance to nearby plants.  In addition, 2018 will see a rise in the use of porcelain style for wooden tiling (an already popular choice for interior design style), in line with an increase in the popularity of verandas.

garden - tochicha
Photo Credit – Tochica

Let the garden take over.

A sure and obvious way to give your garden a more vibrant look is to enhance its flower and plant content through adding quantity, variety, and colours. Incorporating an assortment of unusual shrubs or sharp architectural plants amidst grass and traditional flowers gives an exciting exotic look. Choose shrubs that give great colour all year round. The current favourite which does this very elegantly is the Korean euonymus oxyphyllus that produces a magnificent show of colour for every season.

Another traditional feature that again looks set to feature strongly this year is the good old grow your own. Vegetable pots add a rustic and organic feel to an urban garden and furthermore, it’s easy to be artful with planting spaces depending on the space available to create a great visual flow of natural plants intermingled with produce.

garden - Luca Tettoni
Photo Credit – Luca Tettoni

Bring the outside, inside

Use the assets of your newly designed garden to further spruce up your interior. Adding greenery inside the house is one of 2018’s big interior design trends. Indoor plants can act as a natural stress relief and control humidity as well as keeping your home full of fresh air. With spa bathrooms and hanging plants coming back into style, there’s plenty of inspiration for all.

Garden - Matthew Williams
Photo Credit – Matthew Williams

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