Our story so far

Mark Wells founded Invisible Homes after being a partner of Homes One, a high-end property search agency in Kensington.

Wells says he got the idea for Invisible Homes when he was at Christmas drinks with a happy buyer and seller who had just exchanged off-market.

“It got me thinking – I looked back over all the 300 odd deals I’ve done in the property market. 30% of the ones I negotiated as a buying agent were off-market and almost all of them ended smoothly. Buyers and sellers got on. Both sides were happy with the price. There was no gazumping. We were all friends. The ones from the open market were often a different story,” said Wells.

We launched in Fulham at the end of September 2017 and, since then, word has been spreading. It’s been a busy first few months with over 350 buyers registered already (as of the end of November). which matches the number of buyers that the estate agents have on their books.

Since then we’ve also been speaking to estate agents and most of them are now selling through our platform. We’ve already had considerable interest from individual sellers, and we’re working on getting even more of them to register to sell off-market with us.

Now our focus is to tell even more people about us. You might even see us flyering in and around SW6 or chatting with locals in the coming weeks.