Invisible Homes v Purplebricks

Whether you believe that Purplebricks and the other online agents are onto a winner or not, Invisible Homes is here to do it differently, and better. 

Invisible Homes came into being to fix two major problems in the home sales market:

  1. The open market is failing sellers because buyers think that if a home hasn’t sold immediately, it must have something wrong with it
  2. Purplebricks is a cheaper but less effective version of the traditional estate agent model

Why do we think we’re better than Purplebricks?

Here’s the crux of it:

  • As well as listing a property on Rightmove, estate agents have their own list of buyers who they are able to contact on behalf of sellers.
  • Purplebricks lists your home on Rightmove, but has no list of buyers. 

The problem is this: there are thousands of properties on Rightmove, and buyers are short of time. So they miss things. It’s natural. At a glance, maybe they thought the garden was too small, or the road too noisy, or they just didn’t like the sofa. Buyers make quick decisions, and they aren’t always the right ones. If you’ve been a buyer yourself, you know exactly what we mean.

The Purplebricks model relies purely on the assumption that if you put a property on Rightmove, all the buyers will come. But as anyone who knows will tell you… some will, and some won’t. That’s why estate agents spend their time persuading buyers to see homes that may have been overlooked.

Invisible Homes is different. Buyers register with us directly, and they do so in droves. Since October over 1400 new buyer profiles have been created in Fulham alone, which is vastly more than any local agent has.

Our sellers can see each of their matched buyers’ search criteria. They can send their home to each one individually, while explaining exactly why their home is worth that buyer coming to see. 

So, if a buyer’s criteria say that they want a house with a big garden, and you know your home has a fairly small garden, but you’re right opposite the park, then you can tell the buyer that. It’s something they may well have missed on Rightmove.

More than that, when our buyers receive a property, they know they’ve been selected by a seller who has looked at their specific needs, which means they’re far more likely to pay attention to it. Our sellers don’t get lost in the crowd.

THIS is how online selling should be.

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