How to prepare your Fulham property for viewings

Fulham’s property market seems to have sprung back into action over the last couple of months and is in a far more positive state than it was this time a year ago. Buyers are racing to book viewings, offers are rolling in and deals are getting across the line, all great news for sellers. However, it’s crucial to continue putting in the effort ahead of viewings to give the best chance of a successful sale. Here are our tips on how to best prepare your Fulham property for viewings.

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Arguably the most important rooms in your Fulham home to get right for prospective buyers. Beautiful bedrooms can make up for less well-presented bathrooms and receptions (which may even require some work), yet a bad looking bedroom can have more weight in putting off buyers and decrease the chances of a sale. To get bedrooms looking great, be sure to clear all floors and surfaces of any clothes, shoes or children’s toys. Remove any accessories and jewellery from bedside tables, clear any desks of documents and neatly arrange any books. Take the extra effort of using your best linen (ironed) and puffing up the pillows to ensure that your bed looks tidy and welcoming.

Reception & living rooms

In order to present your home in the best way for buyers, ensure that you: declutter, free up space, and if possible depersonalise rooms before viewings take place. It’s important to remember that buyers are picky and that one bad area of your home could hinder the chances of a prospective viewing future sale.
To avoid this, make sure everything is clean, polished, and arranged well. Think chairs and tables straightened and if possible some flowers on show.
Open all blinds and curtains, and switch on the lights to make the room as bright as possible to give a spacious feel.


As with reception rooms, it goes without saying that you should ensure your home’s kitchen is carefully arranged to stage its assets best. Take the effort to clear worktops of all non-essential items, and where possible – polish any surfaces, clean the outside of ovens and microwaves and mop tiles where necessary.
Remove magnets and to do lists from the fridge, any washing up liquids, cutlery and crockery from around the sink, as well as any evidence of pets.
Again don’t underestimate the power of the addition of a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers to add both colour and a homely feel to buyers as they wander around.


A poorly presented, or dirty bathroom can be very off-putting for prospective buyers viewing your Fulham home. To avoid your bathroom appearing cluttered or uncared for, be sure to remove all hygiene products such as toothbrushes, razors, shampoos and gels from the shower and bath. Take out any bins, bathmats and laundry baskets and ensure that only a few towels are on show which match and are neatly arranged. Accentuate your bathroom by polishing the tiles, shower and mirrors to create a sparkling look. To give your bathroom extra character, add in some candles, exotic looking small plants and eye-catching stylish bottles.


As the first aspect of your Fulham property that buyers will see on a viewing, it can pay dividends to dedicate some time to give a touch up to the exterior of your home. Be sure to take out any rubbish bins, remove any mail on your doorstep, give your porch a quick brush, and if possible add in some small potted plants or flowers by your front door. Remember that the buyer needs to imagine that they’re about to walk into their new home, and so first impressions are everything.