How is Invisible Homes different?

Selling a house can often be an arduous and stressful process. It’s difficult to immediately discern from the multitude of estate agents which one will be the best choice to take on your property so it can be a tricky decision. When a property gets listed, sellers want to see it performing well and receiving regular interest from buyers.

Unfortunately, however, the process does not always go as planned, particularly on the open market. Recent listings may generate interest from buyers initially, but this can often drop off after a couple of weeks. This can lead to the property moving further down on traditional property websites as buyers start to wonder what’s wrong with it, making it more likely to become lost in the crowd.

At Invisible Homes, we want to provide sellers with a simple, stress-free, successful way to sell. We believe this is achieved is by selling off-market. Although this may seem an unusual option and a venture into the unknown, off-market sales have in fact surged recently, making up 25% of sales for £1 million-plus properties in 2017.

Selling off-market protects your property’s value in a way that the open market cannot, -your home is exclusive off-market so there is always high interest from buyers as it can’t be found anywhere else. We, therefore, believe that it is a better way to sell, especially as it can also be a smoother and faster process.

Apart from the off-market bit, how else is Invisible Homes different?

Well, we enable sellers to be completely in control, something which can unfortunately often be forgotten. We believe that as sellers know their house best, this makes them the best person to lead the sale. Invisible Homes’ model puts sellers in the driving seat as for the first time ever, we offer the opportunity to access all the buyers who are registered and see which ones are looking for a property just like theirs.

Sellers are able to communicate directly with any registered buyer that they wish and get the ball rolling. There’s no need to wait around hoping that an agent is communicating with buyers on your behalf, or wait for buyers to view your property on Rightmove or Zoopla. Sellers make the first move. Our private messaging system further ensures that personal details are kept hidden which prevents hassling phone calls and is another way in which we keep sellers in control.

Invisible Homes’ off-market model offers a new and better way sell in the property market, connecting people and homes directly, and uniquely.

We are currently launched in Fulham and will be expanding soon.

For more information, please check out our website.