Is there really only one way to sell a home?!

Have you ever wondered if you could do what your estate agent does to sell your home… better?

Imagine sneaking into your estate agent’s office and getting access to all their buyers. You could see all the buyers that match your home, find out exactly what those buyers want and contact them yourself. You know exactly what makes your home great, so you’d be the best at selling it, right? And all your energy would be channeled into selling just your home, not the other fifty on the list.

Sounds appealing, right?

Well, now you can. Invisible Homes’ off-market model allows sellers to take full charge of the sales process. Rather than hoping an estate agent is contacting buyers on their behalf, or waiting for buyers to choose to view their property on Rightmove and Zoopla, sellers can now to communicate with buyers directly. For the first time ever, sellers can see what buyers are looking for and contact them directly with their home. Sellers can make the first move.

What’s the off-market bit about?

Sellers on Invisible Homes can only be with Invisible Homes. That’s the core principle. If it’s here, you can’t find it anywhere else. And there’s a good reason for this. The open market just doesn’t work that well. You see, the moment a property gets put on Rightmove or Zoopla it’s a ticking clock. If a home doesn’t sell in the first few weeks, which is the vast majority of cases right now, then buyers start wondering what’s wrong with it. It’s strange to think that we all seem to think that everyone else knows more than we do when it comes to our own home. But of course, that’s not true.

The result is that sellers get caught in a ‘reverse auction’, where perceived lack of interest makes the value plummet. In Fulham last year, sellers lost £4,400 per week, for six months, on the open market. And that’s just the average.

But with Invisible Homes, properties aren’t publicly advertised. Buyers only hear about a home when it’s sent to them by the seller, and not before. So buyers assess properties on their merits, not on assumptions based on what other buyers may or may not think. We think it’s a better way is for everyone.

But won’t sellers miss out on buyers this way?

With Invisible Homes, buyers can find exclusive off-market properties that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a serious buyer, you want access to all the options. But if you’re not on Invisible Homes, then you can’t be getting all the options.

It’s a powerful message for buyers, and it’s why over 1000 buyers have registered since October 2017 in Fulham alone. Given that most Fulham agents report having under 300 buyers on their books, you can see just how strong that message is.

What’s great for buyers is that they’re able to create a bespoke search profile tailored to their preferences, ensuring that they only receive properties that are a perfect match. And since nobody sees their personal details (messaging is exclusively through the site until both parties choose otherwise) they know there’s no risk of getting hassling phone calls.

And remember it’s not just private sellers who use Invisible Homes… estate agents prelaunch their best properties on the platform too, creating fantastic opportunities for buyers.

Invisible Homes’ off-market model provides a better way to buy and sell in the property market, connecting people and homes directly, and uniquely.

We are currently launched in Fulham and will be expanding soon.

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