What buying a home shouldn’t be

Buying a home is often the result of a recent achievement that represents a new success. For young professionals, this could be a new job that enables them to get onto the property ladder, for couples, it is the planning for children, and for a family, it is often the celebration of a promotion or the need to upsize into a larger house.

But often this feeling of excitement and celebration, that accompanies owning a home is eclipsed by an overly stressful buying experience.

At Invisible Homes, we believe that much of this stress can be taken out simply by improving the buying process to create a better experience.
Here are three of the most common pain points for buyers that we’re fixing.

1. A huge time cost

Existing property portals such as over Rightmove & Zoopla can often be quite overwhelming for buyers. With so many properties for sale, it can actually make picking a few out of the crowd even more difficult. And moreover, there’s the huge time cost of trawling through pages and pages of flats and houses on the market, which just isn’t efficient.

Our solution: We send the properties to you

With Invisible Homes, you create your own tailored property search, indicating your requirements and preferences. Once this is done, you can sit back while our agents send across relevant properties, saving you a huge amount of time and greatly reducing the stress of searching.

2. An hassling nuisance

The fear of an impending barrage of phone calls from agents can often put off buyers from choosing to take a look at a property, particularly if they’re early on in their search.
Unfortunately, the majority of phone calls that buyers receive are often in regard to properties that they aren’t interested in. And when there are four different agents all doing this, it becomes super annoying and makes the process much more stressful.

Our solution: We communicate through emails and only call about a property that perfectly matches your search.

Our agents send buyers relevant properties via email and communicate with them through our internal messaging system. If there’s a property that we think is a perfect match, then our agents give that buyer a call.
And of course, they’re always ready there to take a call about a particular property to provide more information.

3. An impersonal experience

As a buyer, it can often feel like there’s little support in your buying journey, that you’re left a bit on your own, in competition against hundreds of other buyers. Moreover, as typical estate agents work on behalf of the sellers, they typically don’t have the best interests of buyers at heart. This often translates into taking buyers to properties that aren’t relevant for them to meet a viewing quota, as well as concealing some information about a property from buyers that may deter them from making an offer.

Our solution: Dedicated agents who help you in your search.

Although our agents work on behalf of the sellers, they’re able to form a much closer, and more effective relationship with buyers than a typical estate agent. For our agents, it’s about connecting buyers with the properties that are most relevant for them and achieving the best outcome for both parties. What does this look like? Relevant viewings, an understanding of requirements and preferences, and most importantly, total transparency throughout the whole process.

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