Find your perfect area

Finding the perfect area for you can be as difficult as finding the perfect house, especially if you don’t have somewhere particular in mind or if you’re torn between a few options. Whatever your situation, consider these essential factors to determine where is best for you.



There may be a select few that enjoy their daily commute, however, the majority of us do not share this sentiment. The wish for a shorter, faster and as simple as possible route is universally shared. Choosing somewhere that has quick rail or tube links to where you work, good public transport connections and also access links for travel further afield is a must. Less time spent travelling will transfer to more time spent enjoying your new home, thus finding an area that has the right transport networks that you need is vital.

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Whether you’re someone who enjoys a bustling atmosphere or prefers a calm and tranquil surrounding, you’ll want to find somewhere that suits your preference. If you enjoy a more relaxed setting look for somewhere a bit out of the centre with features like open green spaces to unwind. Furthermore, if you’re after somewhere family-friendly, finding an area that has great schools, a safe feel and pleasant neighbourhoods will be a priority. Alternatively if you’re a young professional for example, who prefers to head out than stay in, seek somewhere with similar demographics that are known for having a bit more of a social-centric feel. Finding an area that mirrors your lifestyle and where you will enjoy being a part of goes hand in hand with finding the right home.

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Whether you’re a foodie, health & fitness fan, socialite or someone who enjoys a variety, finding an area that provides what you enjoy is key. A mix of different cuisines and markets always provide great inspiration for those times when you want to cook and the occasions you want to enjoy a meal out. Somewhere with a variety of daytime and evening attractions offers opportunities to keep your interests flaring and fully make the most of your surroundings.

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The look of where you live can be very important, so be sure to try to find somewhere that mirrors the style that you enjoy. You may seek modern surroundings with high rise developments, newly designed flats and pop up spaces. On the contrary, you might prefer a more established setting with brick houses and tree-lined streets that gives off a more traditional feel.