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The open market isn’t working and as a result, homes waiting on sale are losing value fast. In Fulham alone last year, sellers lost £4,400 per week for six months, on the open market. Currently, many homes are facing repeated price cuts out of necessity, after not selling within the first couple of months on the open market. A bleak situation, Is there another option?


Off-market sales are on the rise as both confidence and success in the open market fall. One in every four £1 million-plus homes are currently sold off-market. What does this mean in reality? Well, put simply, they aren’t being publicly listed, represented or advertised on any property websites and competition can make them hard to find through local estate agents. Sounds interesting, how can they be found?


Off-market properties used to be by nature reserved for those in the know, sold in secret behind closed doors. The off-market property scene was too exclusive and as a result, many opportunities were missed. Buyers couldn’t find out about the properties that they knew were out there, and sellers were thus unsure of whether there would be enough attention from buyers off-market. Furthermore, estate agents only tell their preferred buyers about their off-market options, meaning that the right buyer often never gets to hear of it. There needs to be a fix.


Invisible Homes brings the off-market online, up to date, available for all. Exclusive properties without the exclusion. The core principle of being off-market is retained – if a property is listed with us, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Selling off-market with Invisible Homes protects a property’s value in a way that the open-market cannot since buyer interest is sustained (properties’ are shown as newly listed to every buyer). Buying off-market with Invisible Homes means you avoid having to trawl through the web, searching endlessly. Instead, buyers are sent the exact properties that they’re looking for from matching sellers, and you can do all this without your estate agent. The days of hidden off-market properties are over.

Invisible Homes delivers a platform that enables buyers, private sellers, and estate agents to connect and communicate directly. Buyers are no longer out of the loop or ignored if they’re not on a select list, and sellers can see a multitude of buyers searching for their property. Off-market with Invisible Homes really is a better way to buy and sell.

We have currently launched in Fulham and plan to expand throughout London over the next six months.

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