Create your dream kitchen with these ideas

If you’re thinking of reshaping your kitchen as part of a refurbishment plan for selling your home, or if it’s just got to that time where you fancy a change, then here are some of the most popular styles right now to give you ideas for your dream kitchen.

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Colour recommendations

Finding a colour that’s just right for you is the most important first step in creating your dream kitchen. The multitude of options to choose from can make this a tricky decision, particularly if you haven’t got an exact plan of how you want it to look. Here are a few hot colour trends at the moment.

Bold and bright colours are favourite choices by many right now to add extra radiance and bring a real sense of vibrancy. Daring colour schemes allows a high degree of personalisation that will wow visitors, who will wish that their own kitchen had an equally unique design. A particular current trend is displaying vibrant colours in Scandinavian style of organised clashes to emphasise certain features.

Pastels are already frequent choices for interior design and should be a go-to addition to every kitchen. Pastel shades scenically break up surrounding sombre tones, are perfect for creating definition and contrasting features, and finally further allow a display of individuality.

Dark shades with variations such as inky blue and concrete grey are in at the moment and are in fact the most popular kitchen colour style. Striking tones are perfect for brave homeowners who are not afraid to be bold and create a statement through their design. Furthermore, the industrial look emitted through dark concrete colours articulately synthesises style with functionality, creating a truly purposeful look to any kitchen.

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Once your palette is sorted, it’s time to build the dream by creating the perfect structure. Although space and the need to work with what you’ve got can often be seen as a limiting factor, creativity can always find a way around this.

Islands of all sizes are a current must-have as they bring both functionality and aesthetics and immediately give a kitchen a more modern appearance. Petit and compact islands can give a small kitchen the feel of actually being larger through breaking up the layout through being a defining feature. Furthermore, they can serve as an extra storage space for utensils and appliances which frees up other areas for customization.

For larger kitchens, having two islands is an upcoming trend with one often functioning as a breakfast or banquet bar. This creates an integrated kitchen and dining experience and perfectly suits an open plan structure. Islands offer a practical space for cooking and organisation when fitted with features such as hobs and sinks, which can help in defining separate areas for preparation and dining. Incorporating colour schemes such as we suggest into the islands, as well as including personalised eye-catching finishes will create a great visual flow to your dream kitchen.

Shelves and units can be creatively shaped to accentuate organised storage in an aesthetic manner and bring life to aspects of your kitchen that would normally not be thought noticeable. Open shelving brings opportunities for personalisation, for example positioning feature objects, filling them with small heirlooms and memorabilia, or even just for showcasing your accumulated gin collection.  Floor to ceiling units and tall larders are becoming a regular arrangement of many kitchens right now. The fantastic storage opportunities they provide reinforces the functional and purposeful look that is a current style choice.

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Feature suggestions

Hidden lighting is a particularly good addition for those looking for a modern touch or to highlight particular elements such as around an island or beneath cabinets. Concealed adjustable lighting is a perfect tool for changing the atmosphere on those evenings of entertainment where you can show off your newly designed kitchen. Combining hanging with both strips and existing lights is a sure way to create fabulous contrast and change the tone effortlessly.

Smart appliances are forever a feature on the rise and it is almost unthinkable to have a truly modern kitchen without at least a couple. Particular necessary additions include the instant boiling or chilled water tap, an integrated lighting and speaker system as well devices that can be operated via wifi, such as smart fridge freezers that create shopping lists at a touch of a button.

Greenery is another interior design trend that is already featuring vivaciously in many homes through spa bathrooms and general inclusion in living spaces to provide an airy and fresh feel. The kitchen is no exception to this. Hanging plants, petit potted bonzai and arranged organic produce artfully placed around add a natural touch and can animate your kitchen amidst the units and appliances.


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