Guide to off-market property

What is off-market property?

According to Hamptons International, one in four £1m-plus homes are sold off-market. Despite the growing popularity of off-market sales, many still aren’t aware of the process for buyers and sellers.

It’s quite simple really. Off-market homes are those which are sold without any public advertisement. This means they aren’t listed on open market property platforms such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Going off-market offers buyers and sellers the chance for a smooth, hassle-free and private sale. 

Why Invisible Homes?

Invisible Homes is bringing off-market property sales online. This makes the process much easier and makes it possible to reach more buyers and sellers than ever before.

Our website has been carefully designed to ensure your user experience is as smooth as possible. You can read more about the benefits for buyers and sellers on this blog.

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