A Step into the Future: What buying a house will look like in 2050

Forget hovercars, and futuristic skyscrapers, have you ever wondered what buying a house will look like in the future? Invisible Homes takes a look further into what the future holds for buying a house in 2050.

Will buying property still be a good investment?

Throughout history, buying and selling property has proven to be a fail-safe and reliable investment that offers inflation-protected returns; this is especially true for the London property market which tends to be more buoyant compared to outside the capital. Marshall King, CEO of Property Partner states that this trend can be applied to the future, as people will continue to invest in buying homes as a means for long term wealth protection.

Property will continue to be a popular investment in the future.

Looking for a property

Looking for a property in 2050 will be hassle free, instead of wasting hours searching for your dream home on Rightmove or Zoopla, data from potential buyers, such as postcode, ages, marital status and buyer status, will be used to deliver ideal properties that suit all of your needs. Invisible Homes is already ahead of this curve as its tech-powered platform uses algorithms to send you houses for sale that match your preferences and budget, and soon will be making suggestions based on your feedback and – saving you time and effort.

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Viewings will take place in the comfort of your own home.

The fun part – shopping for your house will see the most exciting and innovative development in 2050 as viewings in the future will be orchestrated from the comfort of your own home. Using 3D goggles, you will be able to view properties virtually in real time. This experience will be catered to all your senses, allowing you to every detail of a house, including the ability to see where your furniture would go and possible extensions.

Securing a mortgage will be a seamless and stress-free experience.

Mortgages in 2050

Forget the mountains of paperwork and form filling, 2050 mortgages will be approved within minutes of an application. The mortgage process will be executed online through apps, offering you a seamless and stress-free customer experience. This will have the knock-on effect of allowing transactions to take place over a much shorter time frame of weeks or days, rather than months.

Co-living, working and playing will be a normality by 2050.

How will homes look like in 2050?

The revamped concept of “co-living” will take off by 2050. Space10, an Ikea think tank, believes that it has the potential to “to not just overhaul the real estate world but also consumer patterns that have been in place for decades.” This movement is powered by young professionals who blur the lines between home, work and play, will be able to enjoy a flexible living space with bars and movies rooms to gyms and hot tubs. With shorter, flexible leases, these complexes aim to “minimise the friction” that often is associated with city flat-sharing. Although the likes of The Collective already exist in London for £1,000 a month, by 2050 they will be more affordable and commonplace.

A fully furnished room at Core Collective.

These developments for buying a house in the future, although exciting, highlight the massive overhaul needed for the property industry. That is why Invisible Homes seeks to disrupt the traditional property market by offering an easier way to buy and sell houses off market. Click here to sign up.