A better way to sell your home

What if there was a way that you could sell your home where you stayed in total control? Where you could make the first move in choosing which buyers to introduce your home to rather than waiting for them to come to you, without paying extortionate fees?

Interested? Then here’s why your next sale should be off-market with Invisible Homes.

We’ve now launched our off-market broker service, meaning that sellers now have two options to choose which suits them best.

Personal sale:

For £295, sellers can list and sell their home individually, included in the fee are photos & floorplan, a free valuation, and direct contact with hundreds of matching buyers. Sellers organise viewings and agree on final sale price with buyers, with Invisible Homes ready at hand to give advice whenever the need.

Broker sale:

For a success only fee of 0.5% of final sale price, our experienced off-market Fulham broker will take charge of the full process for you – market your property to registered buyers on the website and communicate with them on your behalf, organize viewings at the sellers convenience and agree on sale price and exchange. Photos & floorplan, a free valuation and contact with hundreds of matching buyers are again included.

To put our prices into perspective, a typical estate agent fee charges between 1.5-2% commission – more than double our fees. Invisible Homes enables sellers to save thousands of pounds that would otherwise be taken in commission.

Selling on the open market often leads to properties losing significant value over time. Within a few weeks, the excitement of being new to the market dwindles, and they receive less and less interest from buyers. Then the same buyers start wondering why the property hasn’t sold, and assume there’s something wrong with it.

Conventional property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla offer too much information about properties’ time on the market, which damages sale opportunities since buyers are only interested in the newest or cheapest listings.

Indeed, in Fulham last year, sellers lost an average of £4,400 per week, for six months, on the open market. A way to sell that could avoid this would surely be a very attractive alternative…

Selling off-market with Invisible Homes protects a property’s value in a way that the traditional open market cannot. Properties that are listed remain fresh to every new buyer who registers since buyers cannot see how long a property has been on sale off-market. Counterintuitively, this helps buyers too, who are able to judge a property on its merit, rather than the assumption of what other people think.

What makes Invisible Homes the perfect model for selling off-market is that we enable sellers to gain access to all the registered buyers, to see in particular those who are looking for a property that matches theirs, and communicate with them directly. With Invisible Homes, sellers effectively have all the information that an estate agent has, without the need for an estate agent.

We believe that homeowners are the most motivated and best-informed people to people their own home. And we give them a platform to do just that.

We’ve launched in Fulham and already have over 750 registered buyers on our books, double as many as most estate agents.

If you’re thinking of selling or even just curious and want to find out more, then get in touch with us or even better, register with Invisible Homes.

We will be expanding throughout London later this year.