Four secret tips to sell your home

Selling your home will ultimately come down to the right buyer being interested , however here are our top tips of things that you as a seller can do to give yourself the best chance…
Stage for success

Setting the right atmosphere is key to showcasing your home in the best possible way. A tip is to structure the atmosphere of your home depending on the time of day and season of viewings to increase your chances of selling to interested buyers.¬† For example, if a prospective buyer is looking around your home in the day, ensure that your home looks as bright as possible – open all curtains and blinds to let as much light in as possible. Furthermore, if it’s a sunny summers day, consider opening a couple of windows to create an airy and fresh feel, and even more so if the rooms of your property offer great views. On the other hand, if a buyer is looking around in the evening or during the colder months, a top tip is to reduce the amount of light that gets in – close curtains, blinds and windows to create a warm and cosy feel to your home. By doing this, your home will seem perfectly suited to the environment in which the buyer is seeing it.


While the buyer is looking around your home, it’s always best to remember that this may become the buyers home. It’s important to give the potential buyer space when they’re taking a look so that they can imagine themselves living there and visualise it as their own home. When walking around rooms, be sure to let the buyer walk in first. This will help the buyer imagine it as their own and in addition, the room will always appear larger to the buyer as they enter first, without you already taking up space. Giving the buyer a sense of freedom as they look around avoids you as the seller dominating the viewing and making it seem rushed.

Don’t over-sell

It’s important to keep in mind what the buyer is looking for while they’re looking around your home. Highlighting the features of your home that you feel are best may not always be the most relevant to the interested buyer. For example, if one of your selling points is that you have a designated parking space or potential to create a garage, yet this is not a must-have for a buyer or they don’t regularly drive. While showcasing your home and it’s best features is fundamental, it’s important to always keep in consideration what the buyer is looking for and why your home is a perfect fit for them. This is why selling with¬†Invisible Homes is so great, since you as a seller can see exactly what are all your matching buyers are looking for and explain why your home is right for them, rather than wasting time overselling aspects of your home that aren’t relevant to the buyer.


It’s easy to speak too much as you’re keen to sell your home in the best possible way to the buyer, yet this can have a detrimental effect. It’s crucial to listen to what the buyer’s saying and particularly to the questions that they’re asking. Rather than answering their questions in a sales-manner on why your house is so great, answer exactly what they’re asking in a genuine and helpful tone. Listening to the buyer will give you the opportunity again to highlight assets of your home that are the most relevant to them, which may be aspects that hadn’t been especially important for you. For example, there may be extension opportunities and available planning permission that you had not chosen to use but would be of interest if by listening to the buyer, you get the impression that they are looking for somewhere to put their own stamp on. By over-talking and under-listening you can firstly cause a buyer to stop paying attention to what you’re saying, and secondly, make them feel like you’re being too pushy, both of which can risk your chances of selling your home during a viewing.

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